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      • 品質 Quality
      • 誠信Integrity

      • 服務 Service

      • 創新 Innovation

      • 卓越 Excellence



      -2007年3月 成立東莞市川亞五金電子有限公司-專注于進口螺紋切削工具的銷售與服務
      -2010年5月 成立東莞市川業五金有限公司-提供鉆、銑、螺紋加工整體技術服務
      -2012年3月 引進第一臺德國Michael Deckel五軸數控磨床-生產銑刀、鉆頭、鉸刀等切削工具
      -2015年9月 引進德國ISOG S22五軸數控磨床-開發異型數控刀片研發、制造
      -2017年9月 引進德國Zoller五軸數控刀具測量儀-滿足復雜刀具生產需求,提升刀具品質
      -2017年11月 獲得國家高新技術企業證書
      -2018年11月 高性能鈦合金、高溫合金銑刀研發獲得突破性進展

      -March 2007 DONGGUAN TRANYA HARDWARE AND ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. was established and started selling various imported threading tools and providing technical supports accordingly.
      - May 2010 DONGGUAN TRANYA HARDWARE CO., LTD. was established and started providing total solutions for drilling, milling and threading processes.
      - March 2012 We imported our first five-axis CNC tool grinding machine which manufactured by Michael Deckel Germany and started producing and selling end mills, drills, reamers and other cutting tools.
      -September 2015We imported the Model S22 NUM 5-axis CNC tool grinding machine from ISOG Germany and started our research and development on customized inserts by use this machine
      -September 2017 For satisfy our customers with enhanced tool quality and reliability especially for the profile tools and complicated tools, we brought inthe five-axis tool measuring system model Genius 3 from Zoller Germany.
      -November 2017We was certified as National Hi-Tech Enterprise.
      -November 2018We successfully developed the high performance milling cutters for super ally e.g. Titanium and Inconel.

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